Watching a friend fighting Cancer & dealing with the emotions

😢 today I visited a dear family friend whom I hadnt seen for over 5 weeks as a result of having a nasty cold and not wanting to pass the germs onto them. 

Walking through the front door and into the lounge room to see my friend was a shock as I didnt know what to expect knowing treatment had begun. 

10kg lost in 4 weeks, chemotherapy cycles happening, hair gone – OMG brave face was required quickly but shocked and holding the tears in on the inside were hard.

Friend is holding up quite well, appears to be in good spirits but looking deep into his eyes the pain was clear as day. 

Processing the knowledge our dear friend has cancer and having been around someone when I was younger with similar type of Cancer has bought up all those old memories. 

My heart is breaking, mixed emotions are rolling through & Im confused. 

Hair Loss for Gastric Sleeve or Bypass Patients Facts:

Those of you that have had Gastric Surgery and have lost hair or noticed it thinning, have you ever wondered why this is the case? Have you tried changing your dietary intake? Have you increased your Supplement intake?

Check out this link to read more, I found it quite fascinating as I think you may too


Lemon water 

So as I’ve got a bug that’s effecting my voice and is sore to swallow I have decided to have a bottle of fresh cut lemon in boiled water. Great flavour & helps remove the nasty toxins within my body. 

You will also see my Ulla reminder on my bottle to ensure that I’m drinking regularly…

Don’t have to cut the peel off but tonight I thought I’d try without the rind.